!Fidel Gödel’s NFL sucks. His system of jurisprudence is lacking. He's missed his calling. He would make a great SEC Commissioner. Why would the NFL mess with Manning? He has one more game left. Why do this? Is this at the behest of Robert Kraft after his guys were denied? Is this a way to show the rest of the world that the NFL will even prosecute stars like dare I say Brady & Manning? I don't get it. Leave it alone. Do I think Manning would use HGH to heal more quickly from an injury? Do you? I think it's certainly possible and so do you.

Manning is a human being. He's not a faultless being. He's ultra competitive and competing at the highest level has been of the utmost for much of his adult life. It's certainly within the realm of possibility that he would take a shortcut back to health. He knows the sands are slipping through the hourglass on his HOF career. Whether Manning did this or not he should NEVER have to deal with this during the run up to the Super Bowl. Is the NFL going to clear this up in the next 10 days? Are you freaking kidding me? What a joke that league is. Fidel Goodel has no clothes. He's a little boy playing commissioner.