however, I just don't have it in me so this is the best that I can give you. This radio gig is still pretty new for Vano and myself. We are just a couple of regular guys that have been friends for over 25 years that decided this is what we are supposed to be doing. People ask me "how can you talk for three hours straight"? Good question but honestly, time just flies by. The problem is that you really don't know if what was discussed on the air was even listenable... but you said what you said and the day is done and there is no taking it back now.Our only way of knowing if it's any good is through facebook hits,twitter responses, and the number of plays on our soundcloud account. So my friends, I am here looking for feedback. You do not have to leave your name. You can be totally anonymous but I want complete honesty. What do you think of the show? Do you want more of one thing but less of another? Or do you like it for what it is? Be honest but at least be kind....Thanks for taking the time to comment. Vano and I enjoy doing it but we would also like to know if we are worth listening to.